About Us

Bogazici University Vision Laboratory is a research unit founded in 2015 with the contribution of  Bogazici University Scientific Research Projects Start-Up Funding Scheme awarded to Dr İnci Ayhan as principal investigator. Committed to the interdisciplinary research of human vision, our lab team consists of cognitive science master students, as well as graduate and undergraduate psychology students.

Our ongoing projects mainly focus on the psychophysical investigation of time perception, visuo-motor interaction, scene recognition, motion prediction and emotionally ambiguous faces. We are also connected to the Department of Computer Engineering via collaborative computational work and to the Department of Philosophy via reading groups and co-supervised thesis projects. Our international collaborators include Prof Alan Johnston, Dr Shin’ya Nishida and Prof Johannes Zanker.

Research Areas

  • Temporal Processing and Time Perception
  • Visual Adaptation
  • Visuo-Motor Interaction
  • Motion Prediction
  • Mapping Visual Deformations